AMD Radeon RX 490 Performance Numbers Leaked?

New entry in Ashes of the Singularity benchmarks shows up, pointing to the upcoming RX 490 from AMD; GTX 1080 performance-level

Reports have been rife with rumors of an AMD RX 490. The elusive graphics card is still not officially announced. But all that is set to change in the coming weeks, as many expect Team Red to declare its top dog to compete with NVIDIA’s GTX 1080.

And as an appetizer, we saw today what is largely believed to be performance numbers for the RX 490. As some of you might know, Ashes of the Singularity has a benchmarks database. This database stores every benchmark run in the game. Earlier today, a new benchmark, with an unnamed GPU, popped up on the database. It triggered alarm bells instantly. Interestingly yet, the GPU was able to perform fairly close to the GTX 1080.

Now, let us put on our thinking hats. None of AMD’s GPUs comes close to the GTX 1080. At least none which is already not in the database. The GTX 1080 has a score of 8,500. This new benchmark had 8,400; just shy of the GTX 1080. And with widespread rumors of the RX 490’s imminent release, there is only one candidate for this new GPU.

SpecificationsFury ProRX 580RX 490RX 480
GPUVega 10Vega 11Dual-Polaris 10?Polaris 10
Peak Compute12 TFLOPs7 TFLOPs11.6 TFLOPs?5.8 TFLOPs
Memory Bus Width2048-bit1024-bit>256-bit256-bit
ReleaseQ4 2016?Q1 2017?December 2016June 2016


While we appreciate such tidings, AMD sure is taking its sweet time with the card. Ever since the announcement of the GTX 1080 back in May, fans have been waiting for AMD to answer. And though the RX 480 was a solid offering, it was far from an enthusiast’s choice. Since then, NVIDIA has continued to pile up the pressure on AMD with the launch of Titan X. It’s about time AMD made a response.

One thing’s for sure: at least now we know that the RX 490 will compete in the 4K space. Let’s hope AMD brings an end to this painfully long wait, and release the card within a few weeks.