Apple Reportedly Snubbed Netflix From TV Guide

Apple is set to unveil a type TV Guide tomorrow that will sync across applications

Apple is having a Mac Hardware event tomorrow in Cupertino, California and it is set to unveil it’s new TV Guide that will run on top of the Apple TV Box and as an app for iOS devices. The TV Guide will most likely sync recommendations across various viewing platforms and give the users a choice to view all of them from a single application.

The guide will feature as a way for users to search movies and shows across the types like Hulu and HBO GO. According to Recode, Netflix will not be a part of these services. Apple has been reaching out to these media services to be able to unify them under a common platform like it did with iTunes for quite some time now. There were difficulties for making this happen as multiple conglomerates were intent on not agreeing with this proposition.

The goal behind this was to create a Universal search in which different subscriptions that the user made, did not have to be viewed by opening up certain applications(watching both Hulu and Amazon TV exclusives without having to switch over to their app) and could be played across seamlessly through a single Apple TV Guide.

Although, if the entertainment giant Netflix is not offering support then the service might not be used as thoroughly as Apple would want it to be used as Netflix has a huge library with a couple of popular exclusive shows(Narcos being one of them). It has not yet been confirmed why Netflix has not supported Apple on this decision as they had collaborated in the past, but it is an only a matter of time before that will also be revealed.

Apple is set to reveal much more than this tomorrow at Cupertino, as the Mac might get a new iteration. This TV Guide will be the next update for Apple TV since the last one in June and this will be a bit more interesting as it adds a couple of new rumored features to the device software. Be sure to stay tuned for more!