Apple Sends Out Media Invites For Its “Hello Again” Event

The “Hello Again” event will take place on October 27 and is rumored to feature the new Macbook Pro

The event’s name “Hello Again” is a clear reference to Apple’s launch of the Mac which was introduced with the word “Hello”. As such, it is expected that the event’s main announcement will be the launch of a new and improved MacBook Pro along with a MacBook Air.

The Pro will feature both a 13-inch and 15-inch version. Aside from the usual performance boost, rumors have been circulating that the MacBooks will have many design changes including USB Type C technology, Touch ID sensor and dynamic OLED keys.

The OLED keys will most likely replace the function keys at the top of the MacBook and will be linked to specific apps and tasks. It is rumored to be labeled as the “Control Strip”. The Touch ID will allow users to log in to third MacBooks without having to type a password. This input could also be used for Apple Pay services much like on the iPhone.

Finally, according to leaked photos, it seems that if the USB-C is included in the new notebooks they will be the only output for all data transferring needs. This means that there will be no HDMI port, SD slots or separate charging port.

As far as graphics are concerned, it is likely that the new MacBooks will feature AMD based GPUs. Apple has also been reported to be working on separate 5K docking displays with integrated graphics. However, no concrete evidence of the release of such displays has actually turned up.

The event itself will take place in Cupertino and the lives streams will start at 10 AM PT / 1PM ET.