Apple’s New iPhone 7 Has A Simple Fix In Case The Home Button Stops Working

If your iPhone 7’s home button fails, a simple fix is already in place

Apple’s new iPhone had a lot of changes that make it vastly different from the previous generation’s, most noticeable being the removal of the headphone jack. While this particular shift has been the subject of a lot of debate, it’s still just only one of the modifications Apple has made to its next line up.

Another major redesign of the iPhone 7 was the introduction of the new “Taptic” home button. In contrast to the previous iPhones which featured a physical home button the user could actually push, the new iPhone relies on a pressure sensor which sits under your finger. As revealed in a post made by user iwayne on MacRumors Forums, it seems that this little quirk was for more than just show.

The image that he uploaded shows a message on the device stating that the home button requires service, which seems to pop up whenever there are any problems or malfunctions with the phone’s home button. However, you are also given an automatic workaround through the option of an onscreen home button that may be used in the meantime.

Originally, users had speculated that Apple removed the home button in order to make room for an IP67 Waterproofing but it looks as though there was more to it. Of course, this also gives users the assurance that in case anything goes wrong with the Taptic home button, they can simply switch to the onscreen one without having to worry about losing functionality over their phone until they get it serviced. Even though the on-screen button itself isn’t a new a feature (as the option was always present in the Accessibility settings), the automatic switch is a welcome addition.

While this seems to be an improvement over previous iPhones where the home button malfunctioning was a serious issue, perhaps it would have been better for Apple to simply skip over to a permanent onscreen home button. Rumors are already circulating that this was Apple’s transitional phase towards that change. Still, with iPhone 7 just starting to show us its potential, it is too early to say what this new addition means for the company’s future.