Apple’s New MacBook Pro Is Housing AMD’s Latest Mobile GPU

AMD Radeon Pro 450, Radeon Pro 455 will be making their debuts in MacBook Pro refresh

The announcement of new MacBook Pro laptops from Apple was accompanied by another reveal from its graphics partner AMD. Merely hours after the initial showcase of the new MacBook Pro, AMD officially pulled the curtain on its latest mobile graphics chips.

Named appropriately the Radeon Pro 400 series, this new family of chips borrows heavily from its desktop brethren. The chips feature the same Polaris architecture found in the RX 480, RX 470 and RX 460. As the underlying architecture is the same, the chips will also be manufactured using GloFlo’s 14nm FinFET process node. This means that the new MacBook Pro notebooks will have better graphical capabilities, along with cooler thermal performance and much higher power efficiency.

As for the specific graphics cards, AMD has told us about 3 new products: the Radeon Pro 450, Radeon Pro 455 and Radeon Pro 460. It is safe to guess that they will be featuring the Polaris 11 GPU, though AMD hasn’t mentioned specifically which GPU is being utilized in these graphics cards.

SPECIFICATIONSAMD Radeon Pro 460AMD Radeon Pro 455AMD Radeon Pro 450
GPUPolaris 11Polaris 11Polaris 11
GCN version4.04.04.0
Peak Compute1.86 TFLOPs1.3 TFLOPs1 TFLOPs
Compute Units (CU)161210
TDP<35 W<35 W<35 W
Memory2 GB2 GB?
Release?Nov 2016Nov 2016

Raja Koduri, Head of AMD’s Radeon Group, was pleased with the announcement. He said that AMD was proud to have their mobile chips featured in the latest MacBook Pro laptops, as it showed the company’s stature.

Though we still don’t have any information on how these graphics cards perform, one could make a conjecture about their capabilities. Most likely, these cards will perform somewhere in the ballpark of AMD RX 460 performance, if Polaris 11 is indeed the GPU being used in these cards. (YAHAN PER BHI)

AMD also released a video titled ‘Meet the Creators’, where they go a bit deeper in the creation of the graphics cards.

Apple’s new MacBook Pro featuring these new AMD chips will be arriving sometime in November.