Lead Editor:

Jazzy Haider

Jazzy Haider –

Nothing gets past him. An article mechanic, he takes it upon himself to fix and publish artilces for the readers to enjoy.


Rowan FerrenRowan Ferren

Rowan Ferren is an avid FPS and RPG player, with a hunger to know everything that goes on in the technological world. Be it the latest smartphone, the upcoming tech products or the latest games, Farren makes it his moral duty to cover it all.


Ben Hargrove

Ben Hargrove

Ben Hargrove is a PC gamer with a soft spot for console system. His keen eye is set on everything NVIDIA and AMD does, but doesn’t shy away from covering diversified news.

Fredrick RamirezFredrick Ramirez

Fredrick Ramirez is responsible for bringing you the latest news in gaming and technology, with a keen eye for emerging trends in the industry. His opinions are well researched due to his curious nature and is sure to keep you interested in what he has to say.