Bad News For PS4 Fallout Players as Happy Trigger Mods Are Halted

The quest for Fallout 4 mods on PS4 has taken a new twist

It is truly a bad time to be a Fallout 4 player on PS4 because a huge number of mods are being removed as they were attempting to give players an unfair advantage in the game. Fallout 4 had just received the ability for modding on PS4 as the saga between Bethesda and Sony for the allowance of mods on their platform was raging heavy!

As PS4 players had finally gotten their hands on mods, some of the created mods were increasing the number of cheaters in the game. The mods gave unfair advantages to the players who installed them and Bethesda has taken strict action to remove most of these mods. Some of them are listed below:


1) The Cheat Terminal: Allows access into computers where you can activate cheats, for example, changing the weather and infinite ammunition.

2) Everyone’s Best Friend: You’ll be able to take Dogmeat and a companion when on a adventure.

3) Unlimited Building: Allows changes of variables to higher numbers.

4) Unlimited Crafting Container: Allows storage for everything you may want close to Vault 111.

5) Apply Legendary Effects To Guns: You’ll be able to make your own useful Legendary gear.

Xbox One players have had the same action by Bethesda by most of these mods being removed. Although there is a way for the players to still have access to these kinds of mods through Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim. At this moment, it is not confirmed whether the same is available for PS4 users as well but time will tell.

Bethesda has also released a FAQs sheet because of the continuous questions asked by players regarding mods for Fallout 4 and the upcoming Skyrim Special Edition. Many have been wondering about whether the mods are going to be available from the start or if they mods created for the normal Skyrim would be good to go for the Special Edition as well.

Some details have been confirmed by them as distribution system is said to be packaged with Skyrim Special Edition and that mods will not come pre-loaded. For more on this, stay tuned!