The Game Awards 2016: Announcements Roundup

Every single major announcement and reveal at this year’s The Game Awards; including Death Stranding, Mass Effect: Andromeda along with trailers

The Game Awards has a peculiar reputation in the industry. Unlike other award shows, its primary attraction is showcasing new announcements. Of course, we are also referring to its predecessor – Spike Video Game Awards. In the past, developers have used this occasion to reveal some of the biggest games of our times. This list includes Batman Arkham City, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Quantum Break.

As expected, the 2016 edition also had some major reveals. And to make things easier for those with fear of missing out, we have compiled every single announcement made during the event. A few occurrences have been left out, mainly due to their lack of impact. So, without further ado, here is your recap for The Game Awards.

Death Stranding

This announcement alone could carry the whole event on its back. After last year’s controversial absence, Hideo Kojima took to stage this time as the recipient of ‘Industry Icon’ award. And he utilized the opportunity to perfection. The second trailer for PS4-exclusive Death Stranding was released, leaving the audience in awe. The trailer raised more questions than it gave answers. Fans were ecstatic to see Mads Mikkelsen in the game, who will join Norman Reedus. Guillermo Del Toro also featured prominently; an homage to P.T. and the cancelled Silent Hill title. Sadly, no release date was mentioned.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

When N7 day concluded, fans tore Bioware a new one for lack of gameplay footage of Andromeda. Apparently, the studio was taking notice. Last night, we finally saw proper gameplay of Mass Effect: Andromeda. The trailer revealed combat, environments and characters. A welcome new feature was planet fauna, which means players will fight different creatures native to certain planets. The Frostbite engine was in full swing; everything from the grassy plains to deserted regions looked stunning. The game is set for a March 2017 release.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Nintendo fans were also serviced. A new trailer for the upcoming Zelda was released, further detailing the game. Of course, it didn’t have the impact of the previous two announcements, simply because we’re already seen the game in action. The game is set to be the marquee title for Nintendo’s Switch.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

While Telltale haven’t confirmed a third season for The Walking Dead, fans will still get their fill. Previously announced ‘A New Frontier’ got a comprehensive first showcase. Fan-favorite Clementine, who’s appeared in every single entry in the series, will make a cameo appearance. The first two episodes are set to drop on December 20.

Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Keeping with Telltale, the studio’s partnership with Marvel was kicked off last night. Guardians of the Galaxy will get the Telltale treatment come next year, and here is the trailer to prove it. Fans might be angry with Telltale though, as the studio hasn’t announced a follow-up to ‘The Wolf Among Us.’ Let’s hope the dev can balance established franchises with new additions.


When Prey was first revealed at E3, fans were shocked. In a good way. The franchise was in the doldrums, much in need of a revival. The trailer assured fans that the necessary steps had been taken, with a strong focus on traditional horror. Last night, we saw another detailed look at Prey. The game is set for an early 2017 release.

Halo Wars 2

One of the few remaining RTS games on consoles, Halo Wars 2 got a brand-new trailer. Microsoft also announced Halo Wars: The Definitive Edition coming to both Xbox One and PC.

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition

At least one remaster was to be expected at TGA. Bulletstorm, released on last gen consoles first, will be filling that gap. The ‘Full Clip Edition’ includes updated textures and geometry, as well as all previously released DLCs. It also features Duke Nukem, which might entice some old-school players.

There you have it folks. Our two cents on the event: we definitely didn’t see either Death Stranding or Andromeda coming. But we’re not complaining. Telltale has always had a presence at the show, so its appearance wasn’t a surprise. Overall, the event turned out to be a treat for gamers worldwide.