God of War PS4 To Be Lengthy And Action Packed

Developer also confirms exclusion of mini-games

Although the new God of War title is too far away from release right now, it hasn’t stopped developers from booting up the hype machine.

Recently on Twitter, Cory Barlog, who serves as the director for the game at SCEA Santa Monica, replied to fan queries regarding the title.

On the question of how lengthy the game would be, Barlog stated that he is trying to make it as lengthy and action-packed as ‘humanly’ possible. This should mean that the upcoming game would be longer than previous entries, as all previous God of War titles have had average playtimes.

Barlog also mentioned that he just came back from a playtesting session of a combat sequence in the game, and it was ‘awesome’. He also said that some new art work went into the game, which is an indication that the game is still far from a finished product.

Finally, on the question of whether this new game will feature mini-games found in previous God of War entries, Barlog said that the studio is mixing things up, and as such, no mini-games similar to what we saw previously would be present in the game. Though this could mean that new kinds of mini-games are being worked out.

This is not the first time Barlog has outed details about the game. Over a month ago, he discussed several plot details about the game, which could be found here.

God of War will be launched for the PlayStation 4, and probably on the PlayStation 4 Neo. Sony has not yet confirmed a release date, or even a launch window for the title. But judging from the extended gameplay footage revealed at E3, we can guess that the game is well into its development cycle, and should be ready to come out sooner rather than later.

So, are you a fan of the God of War series? Do you think Sony is headed in the right direction with this new take on the franchise, or will the game not live up to the hype? Let us know your views in the comments section down below.