MacOS Driver Mining Reveals AMD Vega 10, Polaris 12, Polaris 10 XT2

Three new AMD GPUs might be on their way, according to information contained in latest MacOS drivers; enthusiast-grade Vega 10 included

AMD has been all over the news lately. Continuous rumors of an RX 490 announcement have mainly contributed to this. And it seems it’s not the only thing AMD has planned for us in the coming weeks.

Vega 10

In a recent data mining effort, VideoCardz struck gold. The tech site discovered monikers for 3 separate AMD cards, only one of which has been known to us thus far. We’re talking about Vega 10, of course. First announced at AMD’s Capsaicin event, Vega will be the firm’s high-end architecture. And Vega 10 is rumored to be the crown jewel of the lineup. The GPU popping up in MacOS drivers seems a bit strange, though. Macs have never really been big on enthusiast graphics. Even the Mac Pros come with workstation GPUs, and not high-end gaming products. Maybe Apple is reconsidering its stance.

Polaris 12

This one is easily the most fascinating GPU out of today’s reveal. We say this because it’s hard to even take a guess regarding its specs. Apart from it being based on Polaris, all bets are off. The ‘12’ in its name only refers to it being developed later than Polaris 10 and 11. Considering that AMD has flooded the mainstream and budget markets with Polaris 10 and 11, a good guess would be that Polaris 12 is higher up the chain. Maybe sandwiching between Polaris 10 and Vega 10?

SpecificationsFury ProRX 580RX 490RX 480
GPUVega 10Vega 11Dual-Polaris 10?Polaris 10
Peak Compute12 TFLOPs7 TFLOPs11.6 TFLOPs?5.8 TFLOPs
Memory Bus Width2048-bit1024-bit>256-bit256-bit
ReleaseQ4 2016?Q1 2017?December 2016June 2016


Polaris 10 XT

AMD has previously used ‘XT’ to denote a more refined product. This would suggest that this GPU is a more groomed Polaris 10. Thus, we can expect it to perform slightly better than the RX 480. And combined with a better memory interface, AMD might even be able to compete with the GTX 1070.

Now, we only have to wait for AMD to officially announce these GPUs.