What Makes Watch Dogs 2 Better Than Watch Dogs

Finally, Ubisoft presented the very concept it missed about Watch Dogs

The concept of Ubisoft about future tech, cyber-connected world, easy go hacking, cunning crime in a modern city plus a story narrative, merge all this and it took the shape of Watch Dogs, teased at E3 2013 with a gameplay people always expected to play one day but never got to play actually. Yes, the final product of Watch Dogs was way downgraded, had less potential than what exactly Ubisoft portrayed it in a video gameplay shown at E3 2013. But, later on, Ubisoft announced a sequel will come, changing the perspective of people against Watch Dogs. I think Ubisoft finally delivered its promise.

Watch dogs 2 launched on November 15, 2016, across multi-platforms, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One and PC. The game consists identical base elements as present in its prequel; hacking via phone, open world element, custom clothing, and side operations along main operations. Additionally, new gadgets, parkour style of the player moment, improved graphics illustrating versatile San Francisco’s environment, crowd’s multifarious reactions with the protagonist and against each other and few numbered additions and changes brought in the new game.

For a startup, I totally think this is a lot for a sequel; the game improves and provides additional features missing from previous Watch Dogs. Here is my dissected twisted thought for you to picture. Watch Dogs Aiden Pearce had a linear, boring, clumsy sort of movement controls, with zero agility factor, he was left as an action hero with more or less no action stance. On the other hand, Marcus Holloway of Watch Dogs 2 is a skilled parkour protagonist. Who jumps, leaps over objects with back flips and style. Even the fighting stance of Marcus is much better than Aiden Pearce. Talk about improvement, Ubisoft clearly here added something new and unpredictable to Watch Dogs 2 about a protagonist to be a hacker and parkour player at same time.

Second, the story narrative in itself is much better than first Watch Dogs, which to me was more like a personal vendetta of Aiden Pearce and less a story portrayal which involved series interrogation and killings until you reach at end of the chain. In Watch Dogs 2 DedSec becomes a home hacking platform to muster up the indigenous hackers of San Francisco to target a rich brass that controls the digital data of people’s lives and manipulates it for personal gains. The side operations are also designed well in Watch Dogs 2, you may even find Aiden Pearce in one of the side operations, now I will not name the mission that’s onto you to explore and find out bummer right!

Third, the robust and amazingly graphical fictionalized world of San Francisco Bay area gives you a better opportunity to more easy driving, more to parkour and even much more to take in-game selfies. Unlike the Chicago of the first game, whose streets were too narrow to drive and most of the times while speeding up you will end up hitting a car in the traffic or large poles of the overhead train system. The weather itself shines well graphically, the only time I loved how Chicago map of first Watch Dogs looked better was whenever it rain. But, San Francisco has its own weather vibes which will make you love the Bay area more than anything, no matter if it’s sunny, overcast or raining.

Fourth, the additional features which part ways from how you can execute a mission is a totally new concept introduced to the series. Yes, it is the seamless online multiplayer which includes coop and PVP modes, the coop feature allows you to tag team with a friend or stranger by searching online and executing a mission operative with diverse strategies. This is a new addition for players to experience in Watch Dogs 2 which is absent in original Watch Dogs

Above all, there are small new improvements and additions which are noticeable and has a significant impact on gameplay experience making Watch Dogs 2 stand remarkable than the prior game of the franchise. The quadcopter, the bot, phone selfie, thunder ball melee weapon, an alliance of hackers, remote thievery, numerous clothing, snatching skill, crowd’s madness and consecutive reaction etc. Watch dogs 2 surely is a better game and fits perfect on the very core concept Ubisoft envisaged back at E3 2013.