Microsoft To Read Crowd’s Facial Expression With The Help Of Its Scanner Camera

Microsoft is set to enter into the world of politics

It seems that Microsoft is planning to enter a more diversified market which is indeed full of potential customers. If you are thinking that Microsoft is looking forward to introducing a new technology for you then, you are wrong.

Recently, the tech giant announced its latest technology which is designed to read the facial expressions of people present in the crowd. This technology can also be called as Crowd-face-reading technology.

Microsoft launched this technology in order to help politicians interested in delivering their message through campaigns but also want to protect their people from any disaster.

The tech giant basically advertised this augmented technology with the help of Microsoft’s Research Division, which is responsible for developing advanced technologies for its users. Microsoft Research Division tried to come up with a better security measure and presented the idea of Real-Time Crowd Insight during a political meeting.

The officials talked about the working mechanism of this technology and informed the representatives that this service is capable of reading facial expressions of millions of people at one time. It is basically designed with the vision of reading and analyzing facial expressions of people present in a massive crowd.

The technology works quite differently and aims to provide sufficient data to its users. If we talk about its working mechanism then, the scanner at first reads the facial expression of the targeted person, after that, the camera processes the picture and analyzes it properly. Once done, the picture is sent to Microsoft’s office for further clarification.

The working of this system might sound a little tricky and inefficient to most of you. However, the fact is that this newer technology is proficient enough to provide valid and supreme support to people interested in safeguarding the lives of their countrymen.

Last year, Microsoft posted on its blog that company is planning to design a technology which could detect various human sentiments. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to call this Real-Time Crowd Insight technology an extension of Microsoft’s older tool.

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