Mikkelsen on Kojima, Death Stranding & The Game’s Novelty

Death Stranding’s latest star Mads Mikkelsen reveals his admiration for Hideo Kojima; calls the MGS dev ‘a brilliant man'

If you ask anyone in the gaming industry to describe Hideo Kojima in a single word, you are likely to hear ‘brilliant’ in quite a few instances. The Metal Gear creator is widely regarded as a genius. The reputation has been well-earned; Metal Gear titles have not only set high standards for stealth games, but have also pioneered narrative experiences in gaming.

And now, you can add another voice in the crowd enchanted by Kojima. Death Stranding’s newly revealed star Mads Mikkelsen only had words of praise for Kojima, in an interview with Birth.Movies.Death. He said that Kojima ‘is a very brilliant man.’ Mikkelsen said he was dumbfounded on some plot details Kojima revealed to him, which isn’t surprising considering Kojima’s history.

Mikkelsen refused to reveal any story details from Death Stranding. He did mention, however, that the game has an ‘intricate’ plot. He also said that with Death Stranding, Kojima is creating ‘something completely new.’ This could be another hint at a theory people have been holding on to since the game’s E3 reveal. Some believe that Death Stranding will have a multiplayer-only campaign, something which was alluded to by Kojima himself in the past. Crazy as it may sound, if there’s anyone who could pull it off, it would have to be Kojima.

Mikkelsen also described his own arrival on the Death Stranding scene. He said that he was introduced first to the Norman Reedus trailer, which he thought was ‘spectacular.’ One didn’t have to be a gamer to appreciate it, said Mikkelsen. Soon afterwards, he got on board and has never looked back. He also said that his son was pretty excited on his collaboration with Kojima.

Death Stranding’s new trailer was revealed at The Game Awards a few days back. It also featured Guillermo Del Toro, but the undoubted star of the show was Mads Mikkelsen. After his role as Hannibal Lecter in the popular TV show ‘Hannibal’, it seems Mikkelsen is set for yet another memorable portrayal. Only this time, it won’t be in a film or TV series, but a in video game. We bet he didn’t see that one coming.