Nintendo President Teases Additional Hardware For Switch

Tatsumi Kimishima also had something to say about VR

Nintendo’s reveal of its latest home console Switch received mixed reviews. Some lauded the Japanese giant for its continued audacity and ability to innovate once more in the console market, while others claimed Nintendo had dug themselves deeper in the pit they already reside in. But either of the positions could be judged as unwarranted, as we still don’t know much about the console.

Today, in an interview with Bloomberg, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima gave us a few more details about the device. The big man at Nintendo said that people haven’t seen everything the company is yet to offer, and that people can expect a ‘wide array’ of hardware accessories for the Switch.

Kimishima did not give any concrete names of the add-ons, but judging from the reveal video of the Switch, we can guess that the accessories will be in line with the docking station and detachable controllers.

When asked whether the Switch would support hardware from third-parties, Kimishima replied in the negative. Although he did mention that Nintendo is ‘interested’ in Virtual Reality, and that people might see the company develop VR titles in the near future. No word was given if Nintendo was investing in VR hardware.

Kimishima was also asked about Nintendo’s stock taking a dip on the reveal of Switch. He said that it was ‘surprising’ to him, and he ‘didn’t understand’ why that happened.

Kimishima was brought in last year to do just that: raise Nintendo’s ever-dropping stock. But as of yet, the president has been unable to steer the ship in the right direction, with the reveal of Switch being the latest backfiring.

But to reiterate Kimishima’s point, we know very little about the device to make our minds. Nintendo is looking to change that soon, as the company will show-off the device properly on January 13 next year. People will also get to have hands-on experience with the console, as well as get to see the initial game library. We already know some titles in development for the Switch; The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild and Skyrim among them.