Nintendo Switch Allegedly To Be Shipped With Half The RAM Of PS4 & Xbox One

The modular portable console set to have 4GB of system memory

In a new leak, it has been revealed that Nintendo’s Switch will have 4 GB of RAM on board at the time of its launch.

The leak comes from a reliable source, namely Emily Rogers, who confirmed that the Switch is set to have 4 GB of RAM. She had previously predicted many of the features of Nintendo Switch before the device was officially unveiled.

This has quashed concerns that the Switch would be shipping with only 2 GB of RAM, same as the developer kit. But apparently, the retail version of the Switch is going to feature a bigger memory module.

And as good a piece of news as it might be, 4 GB of RAM is still not ideal for a modern-day console. Both the PS4 and Xbox One have 8 GB of system memory, and they are around 3 years old. Granted, both consoles are traditional consoles, and not handheld devices prone to different constraints. But still, if Nintendo aims to compete with its rivals on that stage, it should equip its flagship device with the best hardware it can.

Of course, Nintendo hasn’t paid much attention to system specs in quite a while. Its last two consoles were uniquely underpowered, surviving solely on the basis of their game libraries. But as graphics have gotten considerably better, the visual divide between Nintendo titles and other AAA games has become noticeable. It would be interesting to see if Nintendo can pull off another console cycle survival story on the sheer force of its software.

It should be noted here that we are referring to system memory, and not VRAM, which is arguably the most important memory module in a gaming device. Housing NVIDIA’s latest Tegra chip, the VRAM specs are yet to be revealed. We are eagerly awaiting NVIDIA taking the curtain off this Tegra SoC, as it would reveal much more about the raw horsepower of the Switch.

Nintendo Switch is set for a March 2017 release. The portable console/tablet hybrid will also have multiple add-ons, as indicated by Nintendo’s President Tatsumi Kimishima in a recent interview.