Nintendo Switch: First Hands-On Experience Coming in January

As promised, a hands-on Nintendo Switch demo will be held on January 13 in New York; Add-on devices are also expected to be announced

The much-awaited Nintendo Switch is finally getting a hands-on demo. Up until now, we’ve only been entertained to images and a video of the device. Many are itching to get their hands on it, just to see if it works like it is intended to.

Nintendo said that the demo will take place in New York. But east coasters should hold their horses. The event isn’t public; Nintendo made it clear that it is a private showcase. Only members of the press are invited. The demo is scheduled for January 13. The event will last for 5 hours; plenty of time to get initial impressions.

Accompanying the demo will be a live stream from the other side of the world. Nintendo also announced its Tokyo event. It is scheduled to take place on January 12, just hours prior to the New York event. This ‘Webcast’, as Nintendo calls it, will break news on the hardware for the Switch. In effect, this is the one which you should keep an eye on.

It is safe to assume that Nintendo will also be revealing add-ons to the Switch. Earlier, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima confirmed add-on hardware for the console. Though he might as well be referring to the dock, for all we know. He has even talked about VR. And considering Nintendo’s penchant for surprises, one never knows.

Expectations surrounding the Switch are lukewarm. The console is equipped with an NVIDIA Tegra, which is a mobile SoC. This has led many to believe that Nintendo will continue to be the 3rd best option when it comes to visuals in the console market. The 4GB of RAM is also a problem; both Xbox One and PS4 have double the memory.

But Nintendo’s modus operandi has always been a focus on software. On that front, NVIDIA has said that porting games to the Switch is easy. With solid exclusives, Nintendo could pull off a surprising win.

The Nintendo Switch is slated for a March 2017 release. For more coverage on the console, stay tuned to TechnoAisle. Be sure to leave your comments down below.