Peter Moore Squashes Rumors Surrounding Titanfall’s Future

EA chief says the franchise will be selling for years to come; also clarifies reason for reports of poor sales of Titanfall 2

By all accounts, Titanfall 2 was a financial failure. Sales figures have repeatedly showed this. Analysts had even predicted this, which shows that it didn’t exactly come as a shock. But if EA’s Peter Moore is to be believed, none of this is actually true.

In an appearance at the Credit Suisse 20th Annual Tech, Media & Telecom conference, Moore voiced his views. Fortunately, Games Industry was there to report it. According to Moore, Titanfall 2 sold rather well. In fact, he even hinted the publisher being ‘pleasantly surprised’ with the sales. At this point, you might be wondering just what on Earth is going on. Well, the reported sales don’t take digital sales into account. Officially, we are only given hard copy sales. More often than not, these are enough to judge the trends in digital sales as well. But after Moore’s comments, it seems digital markets are moving rather differently than physical ones.

Moore continued by saying that EA isn’t going to change anything with Titanfall. He reassured that the franchise would keep selling ‘for years.’ This comes hot off the heels of rumors suggesting Titanfall might be axed by EA. Respawn’s Vince Zampella said earlier that he was ‘unsure’ about the franchise. But he was optimistic about its future, and it seems Moore is too. Today’s comments can only mean good news for Respawn.

Moore was also asked about the PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio. He said that the new devices ‘are great for the industry.’ He specifically mentioned the long-term impact of the consoles. He is probably alluding to the precedence of multiple consoles from the same vendor co-existing. EA was one of the first third-party firms on-board with the PS4 Pro. Mass Effect: Andromeda was even a showcase at the PS4 Pro reveal event.

Coming back to Titanfall 2, and whether Moore’s analysis is valid. Even if Titanfall 2 didn’t sell well, which, despite Moore’s assertions, is still likely to be true, context matters. The game was accompanied by Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1; tough acts to hold up to. So, it is only fair for EA to give Respawn another chance. And preferably, a more opportune release window.