PlayStation Experience: Every Announcement & Reveal

Sony made the best of this year’s PlayStation Experience, with reveals for The Last of Us Part 2 and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

In the console space, 2016 belonged to Sony. The reveal, and subsequent release of the PS4 Pro would have been enough to carry it. But Sony also put its foot on the pedal in terms of software. There is little to argue that Sony had better exclusives than Microsoft (Uncharted 4 vs. Gears of War 4). Many also believe that the Japanese giant had the better E3. With announcements like a new God of War and Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding, we could hardly disagree. And now, Sony has sealed the year off with another mega reveal.

At the PlayStation Experience this past weekend, Sony was in fine form. Everyone’s talking about The Last of Us Part 2, but there was much else on display. And we’re here to tell you all about it. Take a look at everything that was revealed and announced at this year’s PlayStation Experience:

The Last of Us: Part 2

We’ll start with the obvious one. When Naughty Dog first launched the original game, many believed that it was perfectly concluded. Unlike the Uncharted games, The Last of Us had an independent streak, and fans thought that a follow-up would only besmirch the legacy of the original. But the same fans were screaming relentlessly at the game’s reveal at the PlayStation Experience. The protagonists of the first game – Ellie and Joel – are both set for a return. The reveal trailer showed off a slightly older Ellie, and hinted that she might become the playable character this time around. No release date was mentioned; the only let down of the evening it seems.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Naughty Dog wasn’t done for the night. While the Nathan Drake saga might have come to an end, the studio is unwilling to let go of the Uncharted universe. We saw evidence of this, when Sony revealed a new entry in the series. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy looks to be set in Northern India, with Chloe from Uncharted 2 making a return. The game isn’t a standalone title however; it is a DLC for Uncharted 4. But judging from the trailer, Naughty Dog has poured every bit as effort as they would have in a marquee title. 2016 has further substantiated the fact that Naughty Dog is Sony’s premiere studio, with more evidence piling up each passing day.

Yakuza 6

Japanese audiences are already getting geared up for Yakuza 6, as the game is set for a December release in Japan. Western gamers, on the other hand, were keeping their fingers crossed. And their wait for finally over, as SEGA announced that Yakuza 6: The Song of Life would indeed be coming to Europe and North America. You would have to wait till 2018, though. A bummer, but far from the worst kind. SEGA also announced that Yakuza Kiwami will be arriving in mid-2017; something to keep you engaged until Yakuza 6 releases.

Lara Croft GO

Mobile gaming, as lucrative as it is, remains allergic to AAA franchises. Square Enix hopes to trump that trend with Lara Croft GO. So far, it seems to work. And now, the publisher is bringing it over to the PS4 and PC. Of course, the graphics are nothing like Rise of the Tomb Raider. But fans might be willing to try out a different rendition of the popular adventurer.

Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom

Back in 2010, a little known PS3-exclusive called Ni No Kuni made a few waves upon release. Those who’ve played it still regard it as one of the best titles on the console. High praise indeed, with company like Metal Gear Solid 4 and Uncharted 2. But due to it being a sleeper hit, not many were expecting Sony to develop a sequel. To their pleasant surprise, they were wrong. Ni No Kuni releases on the PS4 sometime in 2017.

These were pretty much the biggest announcements at PlayStation Experience. But there were a few others. We will leave you with those, with their respective trailers. Do write to us in the comments section down below; whether you want to share your favorite moment from the event, or give us any suggestions.

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