Sony: God Of War PS4 Designed With Original PS4 In Mind

Sony dismisses concerns over the game’s quality on non-Pro PS4

Arguably the best moment in Sony’s 2016 E3 conference, apart from Hideo Kojima showing up with Death Stranding, was the reveal of the next chapter in Kratos’ storied journey. The gameplay footage certainly helped the hype to build up even more, and now fans are eagerly awaiting the game’s release.

But ever since Sony announced the PS4 Pro, some fans have become suspecting of the quality of games on the standard PS4. It makes sense, considering the fact that the PS4 Pro is the new kid on the block, and everyone would be eyeing to buy one over the standard PS4, especially with only a $100 price differential between the two.

But Sony has been quick to address those concerns. In a recent twitter post, the Creative Director of God of War dev Sony Santa Monica Cory Barlog clarified that the footage of the game shown at E3 was straight from the standard PS4. Which means that the game will look at least as good, if not better, at the time of launch on the non-Pro PS4 variants.

Some fans took this opportunity to ask Barlog about a possible demo of the game. But much to their disappointment, Barlog made it quite clear that there is little chance we’ll ever get to see a demo of God of War. He said that demos usually take a few months to develop, and thus would delay the game’s release even further. And of course, no one wants that to happen.

But back to the game’s quality on the standard PS4, it appears that Sony is giving the console its due attention. Many people were thinking that with the arrival of PS4 Pro, the standard model will become more or less irrelevant. But kudos to Sony for making sure that the millions who already own a PS4 would not have to shell out more of their hard earned cash.

God of War was announced at Sony’s E3 press event in June. No release date has been mentioned yet. The game will come out on all of the 3 PS4 models – standard, slim and Pro.

  • xboxmaster

    “Sony dismisses concerns over the game’s quality on non-Pro PS4”
    what concerns was there? did you guys miss the part where every game shown at E3 this year ran on the 2013 ps4?

    • hvd hvd

      they were ran on the ps4 pro just wait and see.

      • inakietxebarria

        You have been seen in several other forums/places telling lies about how the ps4 pro is just upscaling from 1080p to 2160p. So, from that logic, how does it contrast to the fact that you are implying that those e3 2016 games were ran on ps4 pro ? If they were running in something that just upscales 1080p to 2160p, what would the point be ? What is your point exactly if you are implying that e3 2016 games were better looking than the regular ps4 ones ?

        Let me answer you: you are a butthurt fanboy, and a very bad one at that. You know, one needs to have some facts straight even for spewing lies 😀

        • hvd hvd

          you have ZERO proof that it isnt 1080p upscaled ZERO proof sony hasnt said anything yet.and there is no 1440p tv’s so its uposcaled from i expect a ponie to believe that it is and that you have hdr on the ps4 and ps4 slim…lmao.

          good job lemming good job

      • xboxmaster

        sony confirmed that they were running on the 2013 ps4, i don’t need to wait and see anything, i already know

        • hvd hvd

          i dont trust any thing sony says they lie more then any company out there… is your hdr graphics menu on the ps4 and ps4 slim…lol.

          • xboxmaster

            well, i don’t care who you trust and who you think lies, i don’t know how is the hdr on the ps4 consoles because i don’t have a hdr tv

          • hvd hvd

            lol lemming

          • xboxmaster


  • hvd hvd

    who had concerns in the first place?i can tell that that wanst the ps4 they were running those on.they are trying to cover up something that no one had a concern about….lmao

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