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Website and Account:

You are entirely responsible for the security maintenance of your account and blog that you have created on our website. Your blog must not contain unlawful or misleading keywords, including to trade under the name or reputation of other deliberately or we may have the right to alter or delete any kind of description which we considered unlawful or inappropriate.

Responsibility of Contributors.

If you are commenting on a certain blog, posting anything onto the website, developing a website, posting different links to the sites then you are solely eligible for that content and whatever the harm is caused due to that content and not the website.


Payment and Renewal.

General Terms.
By choosing any of the service or the product, you must pay one time, monthly or else annual fees for the subscription. Payments that are being made are not refundable. Payments are made on the pre-pay basis once you want to upgrade or signup.

Automatic Renewal. 

Your subscription will be renewed automatically at the end of the period of subscription. Therefore, if you are willing to terminate the subscription, you must have to cancel the subscription and then you would be liable to pay the subscription fee and as well any taxes that might be applicable while using your credit or debit card or any other methods of payment that you have given.


Intellectual Property. 

By agreeing to this terms and conditions, however, the title, interest and right do not transfer from the website to you or any other third party. The intellectual right would be confined to the tech aisle only. TechnoAisle, TechnoAisle.com, its logo, trademarks, graphics, marks of service are all registered and belongs to tech aisle or its licensor.


TechnoAisle has the right to show any of the advertisement the website like to display until and unless you have purchased that subscription which has an ad-free, ads will be visible to you.



TechnoAisle also has the right to present or portray the links of attribution, theme author and also the attribution of the font within the blog toolbar or its footer.


TechnoAisle has right to change or modify or even replace anything off in this agreement, therefore; it is highly recommended to check this agreement frequently or even periodically to avoid any ambiguity


TechnoAisle has the authority to terminate the access to any part or even all of entire web site at any of the time either notifying or without notifying with and without any cause that can be made immediately.

Feel free to contact us at: admin@technoaisle.com for any additional queries.