World of Final Fantasy Demo To Land Next Week For PS4 & Vita

Players will get to play the game before making their final decisions

Square Enix recently made an important announcement regarding a Final Fantasy game, but it might not be the one you’re most looking forward to.

You’d be forgiven for not knowing that there has been another Final Fantasy game in the works, besides the long-awaited Final Fantasy XV due to arrive later this fall.

Titled World of Final Fantasy, it is a spin-off based on the universe of the game. But while the mainline Final Fantasy games are geared towards the hardcore gamer, World of Final Fantasy is mainly meant for the young ones in your life.

And if you’ve never heard of the game before, you may soon have a chance to play it for free. Earlier today, publisher Square Enix announced that a playable demo for the game will be arriving shortly. Specifically, you should mark October 17 on your calendars if you want to get a taste of the game.

World of Final Fantasy is a different take on the Final Fantasy universe. The game takes inspiration from anime, while also staying true to the series with cameo appearances from popular characters like Cloud and Lightning. You’ll also encounter some of the known foes from other Final Fantasy games.

To whet your appetites, Square Enix also dispatched a new video on YouTube, which shows off the game’s opening cut scene. You can check it out here.

And just to sweeten the pot enough for you try out the demo, Square Enix has also stated that on completing the demo, players will unlock Magitek Armor P in the main game. Clearly, the publisher is doing everything in its power to convince people to purchase the game.

World of Final Fantasy comes out on October 28 for the PS4 and PS Vita. You can get either get the standard edition for $60, or treat yourself to the $120 Collector’s Edition of the game. Needless to say, you will receive all sorts of extra goodies with the latter.

Or you can wait for the main event – Final Fantasy XV, which comes out on November 30 for the Xbox One and PS4.