As business processes continue to migrate to the digital space, the need for a responsive, reliable and efficient IT infrastructure becomes more and more vital. Alongside this increased dependence on IT is the need to maintain the IT network at its optimal efficiency, ensure compliance to standards, upgrade systems, implement measures against cyber threats, deal with IT issues as they crop up, and many other IT concerns.

Unfortunately, managing and maintaining an IT system is a painstaking ordeal, especially when you’re running on a tight budget.

Two of the gargantuan IT challenges that beset many small- and medium-sized businesses are hiring and maintaining an experienced team of IT professionals, and investing in new technologies.

According to, the annual salary of an organic IT technician ranges between $40,000 to $65,00, and that does not include benefits, training, and other costs associated with hiring. Add to that, businesses also need to apportion budget for IT solutions, upgrades and technologies. It is estimated that global IT spending will grow 3.2 percent in 2019 to $3.8 trillion. Small and medium businesses just don’t have enough resources to allot for IT.

Advantages of Working with A Managed IT Support Service

In order to meet IT maintenance requirements without straining their budget, many small- and mid-sized businesses have begun looking towards outsourcing their IT tasks.

Collaborating with Managed IT Support Providers (MSP) enable businesses to focus on their core functions rather than spend effort and time resolving IT challenges. Without the necessary training and experience, attempting to resolve IT issues on your own can be costlier in the long run compared to hiring IT professionals and letting them take over.

Managed IT Support Services have their benefits and takeaways. In this post, we will highlight some of the benefits a business can reap when they collaborate with an MSP.


This is one of the major benefits of outsourcing IT services. According to a senior specialist from, Toronto IT Support company, working with managed IT services lets you skip the hassles of hiring experienced IT professionals. MSPs are manned by qualified and skilled IT technicians. This means you don’t have to spend on recruitment, training, and hiring.

Moreover, since experienced MSPs work with a wide variety of clients and are abreast with the latest technologies, they can recommend the most cost-effective solutions to your IT challenges. MSPs charge billings on a fixed schedule, such as monthly, quarterly or annually. Hence, businesses can expect more predictable costs and won’t be surprised by sudden bills.

Timely system and infrastructure upgrades

Nothing changes much faster than information technology. It is vital for businesses to keep their IT systems up-to-date to ensure security and efficiency. However, purchasing and deploying new hardware and software is not sufficient. Regular updating and upgrading is the secret to ensuring a more reliable network. MSPs can help businesses develop and implement a thorough IT plan that will ensure the system is up-to-date.

Increased accessibility and speed

MSPs can help businesses centralize their network hardware and applications into a single data center. Centralizing the IT network boosts speed and increases accessibility of the network to all authorized parties, regardless of their location. Furthermore, the accessibility of data can help significantly improve the efficiency of employees, thereby resulting in increased productivity.


The ability to scale IT environments is essential for business survival and growth. Managed IT Services Provider can help you in creating a scalable environment. They can assist you in choosing appropriate methodologies, such as migrating to the cloud, upgrading or centralizing software, or developing new software solutions, for better scalability.

Getting a reliable MSP ensures that your company does not lag behind in terms of technology. They can recommend and implement strategies to right-size IT environments so they are responsive to the needs of the business. Ultimately, this results in better efficiency and ROI.

Prevent downtime and system errors

The business also benefits from the proactive approach taken by MSPs to address potential IT issues. They run continuous surveillance and monitoring of the system to prevent system failures and shutdowns that can disrupt business operations. Reducing technology-related disruptions enables your employees to focus on their work thereby boosting productivity. It should also avoid losses due to disruptions in business operations.

Maximize human resources

Managed IT Support Services help businesses maximize your human resource’s qualifications, skills, and talents. Frequently, in businesses without an IT team, the most technologically adept employee becomes the IT-expert-by-default. As such, he or she juggles with the extra tasks of troubleshooting and fixing IT issues. This distracts the employee from focusing on the duties and responsibilities assigned to him/her. With Managed IT Support Services, your team members work on the tasks they were hired for.

Compliance with IT standards

Working with Managed IT Support Services unburdens you of the stringent compliances with IT standards and requirements. Over the past years, there has been an increase in mandatory rules and policies that spell out the security, reporting, and privacy of IT initiatives. Different industries have unique regulations. Missing out on any of these standards could lead to penalties and fines.


Regardless of the size of a business, data and network security is a topmost concern. Due to ever growing trends and threats in IT security, many businesses prefer to outsource this aspect of their IT infrastructure to reputable Managed IT Support Services. An MSP works continuously to ensure that your network and data security strategies are up-to-date.

Final Thoughts

Finally, outsourcing your IT needs has its pros and cons. The fact is that no service is 100% guaranteed. But when you consider the benefits that your business gains from working with a reputable MSP, you know that these advantages far outweigh the negatives. A reliable MSP can transform your IT infrastructure from a challenge into an indispensable asset that can bring about growth and success!