With each passing year, technology and software companies face increased competition on digital channels. Therefore, revamping one’s marketing strategies is of the utmost importance. Many tech companies can create remarkable products or services but most of them continue to struggle with monetizing what they’ve developed.

So, what should a tech company do?

To maximize marketing efforts, you must utilize tools and strategies that are more likely to get you to engage with your ideal consumer. Always remember that the success of your program rides on how it’s able to build a meaningful and authentic connection with your audience. By proving that you understand their plight and that you can provide a unique solution, you should be able to set yourself apart from a crowded marketplace.

Listed below are six killer marketing ideas that are worth trying this year.

  • Create original video content

In 2018, video content is king. These days, consumers would rather watch a 3-minute video that informs them of a company’s product or service than read a lengthy written description. As indicated in Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing Survey, 97% of brands that use video say the format helped them increase consumer understanding of products or services. About 76% claimed it boosted sales, and 80% asserted that it increased prospects’ dwell time on their website.

Not to mention, viewers are more likely to share a video that they like with their friends or followers on social media.

  • Reach out to influencers

Apart from video content, one of the most successful marketing trends these days involves influencers. They are well-known personalities or authoritative figures in a particular niche. These influencers may have a few thousand to several millions of followers on social media, all of whom value what they have to say about your product or service.

By focusing on influencer spending, companies can potentially produce a return on investment that’s 11 times higher than traditional forms of digital marketing strategies.

  • Produce relevant content

Advances in technology have made it easier for anyone, brands included, to produce digital content. Unfortunately, a lot of what gets published online isn’t valuable to consumers and is only meant to catch people’s attention and get more click-throughs. While that can certainly drive prospects to a website, it’s not enough to convert them into actual paying customers.

As a brand that’s trying to engage audiences, don’t ever do this. Strive to publish high-value content. In doing so, you will be able to build long-lasting connections with your consumers. To ensure that content is always search-friendly, brands that are offering SEO for IT and software companies can help.

  • Use marketing automation tools

Top dollar companies aren’t the only ones who can benefit from marketing automation. Even small brands or startups can fuel business growth by utilizing the necessary technologies. Some won’t need an initial investment. By leveraging such tools, you can track leads, nurture prospects, and be consistent with branding.  

Keep in mind that the tools you choose must suit your company’s size, the nature of your proposed solution, and your ideal consumer.

  • Set up a customer remarketing campaign

One of the most underrated strategies that can significantly improve company’s revenue is customer remarketing. As the name suggests, it entails actively pursuing existing consumers. Through programs and campaigns designed to target your customers, you should be able to create an infrastructure that enables you to carry out upselling and cross-selling of additional products or services.

This strategy increases your customer’s average spend. It should also help you establish audience loyalty.

  • Take advantage of interactive tools and experiences

Apart from videos and animated motion graphics, interactive content makes it easier for consumers to absorb information. It may also encourage visitors to stick around and explore your website. Interactive tools can make marketing strategies more engaging. Adding calculators, quizzes, or product tours to your content can lead to higher engagement rates and better-quality leads.

If you’ve yet to adopt any of these tools, you can start with ROI calculators, assessments, or interactive infographics. More and more tech companies are taking advantage of them, so you better keep up with the competition.


If there’s one thing we can pick up from these emerging trends, it’s that consumers value content that’s highly engaging and relevant. The landscape of business is ever-changing, and you need to adapt to fit your strategies to your audiences’ needs and preferences. So, do your research. Find the best tools and programs that suit your brand and your ideal market, and be consistent in your efforts. Eventually, you should reap the rewards of your hard work.