Java has been around for more than two decades and it has proven itself as one of the best programming languages for developers. Java Frameworks are software platforms on which you can easily develop new applications, including web applications. The frameworks simplify the process of building or writing code from scratch when developing a web application. There are multiple Java frameworks for web applications but not all of them are popular among Java web applications developers. So we asked experts from Firewall Technical about the best Java web frameworks to use and below is their response:

JavaServer Faces (JSF)

JSF stands out due to the documentation part. It is supported by Oracle, which provides a rich documentation for a Java developer to learn. You can use the libraries provided in the documentation by Oracle to overcome the complexities that come with JSF. As a developer utilizing Integrated Development Environment (IDE) software you will benefit a lot from JSF as it is part of Java Enterprise Edition (EE). In spite of all that documentation, it can still be complex for a beginner on top of being slow.


Spring is one of the best Java Frameworks when you want to develop web applications. The most notable feature is its ecosystem. It is well developed to offer great readability of the code. A developer will, therefore, be able to work seamlessly and faster when developing web applications. You will get better flexibility in testing data using Spring, which is a plus. However, it has a steep learning curve, especially for beginners.

Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

It is an open source tool supported by Google, where developers can develop front-end applications using Java. Due to its support by Google it has a rich documentation, making it easy to learn. As such, you will be able to develop even the most complex front-end Java web applications that are highly responsive based on the server and client needs. Although this framework has the future laid out in the open, multiple new versions can be a turn off for any developer.


It is a popular framework, which equips you with the necessary tools to come up with attractive web applications. It employs a pattern known as the model-view-controller (MVC), to develop the foundation of a web application. As an open source framework, it depends on multiple communities for support to enable development of web applications.


Play framework is able to make the work of a developer easy. You can easily, and with speed, make changes with the help of the browser and text editor. This is due to its simple user interface. The framework is built on Akka and has a lightweight infrastructure which consumes minimum resources in terms of the CPU and memory. It is an all-round simple tool to use in writing a code, designing, testing, and execution of a web application.

Of course the final choice of the best Java framework to use in web applications development will depend on your skills and experience as a developer and your project needs.