PS4 subreddit swarming with people reporting issues with the new firmware update

Sony just recently rolled out the latest firmware update for the PS4. And not long after it reached users hands, many are reporting newfound problems with it.

This is evident by just taking a glance at PS4’s subreddit. Multiple users are reporting bugs, and most of them are different from each other. Needless to say, Sony has its work cut out for it in terms of patching the update before the release of the PS4 Pro.

One user pointed out that after the 4.0 firmware update, the upload quality of his videos was reduced from the standard 720p to an unknown lower resolution. He even posted a comparison video demonstrating the loss in video quality after applying the latest update.

Another user complained about a connectivity issue he was facing after the 4.0 update was installed. The user reported that he could not upload to his Twitter account. He was presented with the error code ‘CE-39904-5’ whenever he tried to upload to Twitter. The user tried some troubleshooting as well, but achieved little success.

Yet other users are having problems with connecting to PS Messenger following the update. The user, who reports using an iPhone to open the app, is experiencing crashing while attempting to run it. A possible solution was posted by another user, claiming that they need to re-install the app in order to fix it.

Finally, people are also reporting that their downloads have gotten slower with the 4.0 update. This was not further corroborated by any other user, so it might be an isolated incident. But it’s still early on, and we might get more instances of the issue popping up.

The PS4 4.0 update is one of the more significant firmware updates in the console’s brief history. It not only adds High Dynamic Range (HDR) support for compatible TVs, but also makes a host of changes to the User Interface (UI). The UI takes cues from smartphones, with a flatter look. Sony has also added a new ‘Quick Menu’ option for easy navigation, as well as the ability to create folders for better file organization.