Peter Moore, EA executive has an opinion that video game conferences do not have any future, as their company is now looking ahead to put their games in hands of ‘influencers’

EA Play, similar to the new strategy of EA for E3 2016, the attendance of publishers of video game at Gamescom was not traditional. In place of the traditional onslaught of announcements, as fans usually expect from publisher of the game, EA held a livestream. While company did have a lot to reveal, from the trailer of new Battlefield 1 gameplay to latest news about Star Wars Battlefront’s Death Star DLC, attendance of the team at Gamescom certainly was not par for course.

Those who are expecting things to become ‘normal’ in upcoming years will definitely be let down because the new approach adopted by EA towards video game conferences looks like is here to stay. While making certainly a ‘radical statement’, EA’s executive Peter Moore told in an interview that, “I’m not too sure that press conferences have a future,” later he also explained by showing the EA booth around, “what you see here, which is full, is a combination of our key customers, digital, retail, probably 40% influencers. It used to look like an IKEA showroom but, like EA Play, it’s indicative of how we see the future. The medium is changing. Influencers, celebrities who aren’t the classic journalists are finding their own way. Our job is to put these games in their hands like we did last night.”

The suggestion about people- like streamers and creators of YouTube- are slowly becoming the driving force in game industry. And this is something that gamers have been hearing since a while now. Previously, Double Fine, a video game developer, suggested that the conventional video game reviews have become obsolete because gamers in today’s world are more interested in online video games for experiencing a new game. According to Twitch, livestreaming platform can make a huge impact on sales of any game.

Recent move by and Disney Interactive to cancel their floor plans for E3 2016 shows also indicates the Moore’s statement is after all not going to stay as controversial as it seems now.