For people who own and use a powerful gadget like an iPhone, most of them have not fully explored its features. When it comes to taking pictures, there is a lot you can do with the iPhone camera. It has great potential to produce magnificent images. However, you have to know how to use most of the features available in the phone in order to produce photographic masterpieces. Here are some great iPhone photography tricks shared by AramanYC:

Use the volume up button to capture photos
In most cases, you will only need to tap on the screen of the phone in order to capture a photo. However, this can mess up your end result as you may tilt the phone when you tap on the screen. To prevent that, you can use the volume up button, at the side of the phone, as a shutter for steady images.

Make use of the timer for a group photo
You can set your timer to capture in 5 or 10 seconds depending on your preference. Run to the focused region and wait for the snap after the timer runs out. It is one way to get everyone in the photo.

Use the volume on your headphones as a remote control
It replaces the need to get a selfie stick. Most of the iPhone headphones will have a volume section which can act as a remote control. This means that you will be able to snap photos by pressing the volume button on your headphones while in front of the camera.

Make better use of the different modes of taking photos
Most amateur photographers miss the essence of these modes. However, it helps a lot depending on how you intend to use the photo. For example, if you want to upload it online on your social media page, the square mode will work fine. This will minimize the need to edit it before uploading.

Use the exposure meter to brighten or darken the shot
The meter works when you either want to brighten or darken the image in the shot. You only need to swipe up or down to get the needed light in the image. It is especially the case in darker rooms or outside when the sun is bright.

Do away with the camera’s flash
You already have the exposure meter to take care of the light. Also, natural light from the sun works better. The flash can spoil the quality of your photo so keep it turned off.

Lock focus on your subject
The viewfinder feature will help you to lock on your subject. If you do not want any other object or subject being captured, you can use this function.

Switch on the grid for better focus
The grid introduces both horizontal and vertical lines for better focus. You may trust your hand to hold the phone and focus the image, but by turning the grid on, you get a perfect frame for your photo.