A presentation can be a simple information-sharing tool or a true work of art. While a lot depends on the presentation designer, the software does a substantial amount of work.  Depending on what program you choose, you can make or break your presentation.

Today, many people still focus on PowerPoint, which has been around for a while. However, there are many different tools on the market today. They can help you create many types of custom presentations, starting with a school project and ending with a new Bitcoin sales scheme.

Depending on what type of project you are working on, you may take advantage of the below options.

1. CustomShow

This software is designed to improve your sales presentations. The program enhances the seller/client relationship and helps close the deal. CustomShow allows smooth content streaming for desktops, mobile gadgets, and web. The program offers the drag and drop feature, which speeds up the project creation.

You can also use CustomShow to track sales and marketing employees to see who is viewing the slides and videos. The team members can work together to create an excellent custom presentation, which reflects the company and its products. The software allows presentation import.

Cost: Free demo version, price plans are available upon request (from the provider).

2. Haiku Deck

The program allows creating custom presentations on the web, iPad, and iPhone. It has a huge variety of themes which can be personalized. When creating a custom presentation, a user gets access to millions of free images from Creative Commons. Fonts, layouts, and filters are numerous. The downside of this software is the lack of Android support.

Using Haiku Deck to create a presentation is easy. It does the majority of work for you. You can make the simplest presentation outline or even import it from PowerPoint. The software analyzes the presentation content and suggests layouts, images, and themes. Then you can make personal changes.

Cost: 7-day free trial, $7.99 per month for a basic version.

3. Slide Dog

This custom presentation software features a rich media library. It’s a web-based tool, which allows combining PowerPoint presentations, Prezi presentations, PDF files, pics, videos, and more. The drag and drop feature helps create attention-catching playlists. The presentations and playlists can be controlled from the mobile devices. You can share the slides in real time.

This software has a straightforward interface, clean design, and a big variety of useful features. Its ability to accept common file formats makes it highly appealing. This is especially important for users who already have presentations created using other software.

Cost: Free limited version, $8.33 per months for a pro version.

4. Prezi Business

Prezi Business is among the most popular custom presentation software in 2018. It works with Windows, Mac, and on the web. Prezi allows creating visual presentations, which can be suitable for business meetings, classrooms, sales, and many more purposes. A user can tailor each presentation to a specific audience due to the program’s high flexibility.

Prezi Business allows creating high-quality presentations for business users. Presentation editing in real time is available. Once the presentation is ready, it can be shared live in HD. The software offers analytics as well. You can check who watches the presentation and for how long.  

Cost: 14-day free trial, €59 per month for a premium business version

5. Proclaim

If you need to make a church presentation, Proclaim is a way to go. You don’t have to search for the right theme, browsing through thousands of unrelated subjects. Building a worship presentation is much easier when you are using specifically designed software.

The software allows import from other programs. It has an easy to use interface and a low learning curve. Even though this particular custom presentation software is not as packed with features as others on the list, it caters to a specific audience.

Cost: 30-day free trial, $16.99 per month for a basic version.