Bungie has officially kicked-off Festival of the Lost for Destiny. The Halloween-themed event will last for a couple of weeks, and will have players charmed by new items such as masks.

If you want to get everything Festival of the Lost has to offer this year, this guide is for you. A word of caution: you might end up spending hard-earned cash on some of the more elusive items, but money has never been a hindrance to joyous experiences for long-time Destiny players, right?

Of course, there is a way of earning everything without spending a penny. But this involves a ton of work on the player’s part. It should be noted that a good chunk of masks at this year’s Festival of the Lost are returning ones from last year’s event. So, players who weren’t vigilant in collecting items this time last year will have their work cut out for them this time around.

There is really only one way of collecting items without spending a fortune: visit Eva Levante. She will give out masks for each quest she assigns you. Admittedly, we really don’t know whether she will have the newer masks, or just the old ones. We would have to wait and see if the rotation of masks in her inventory comes up with one of the new items this year. But if you haven’t collected the previous masks, this is perfect for you. The quest she assigns has varying aspects; you would have to defeat other guardians, kill enemies in PvE and more. At the end of the quest, you will receive one of the new items, with masks at each step of the quest along the way. Again, for more masks, make sure to check with Eva’s inventory from time to time as it spawns new ones daily.

But if you want the items without any fuss, just visit the Eververse. There you can pay actual real-world money to acquire items. Have at it, we won’t judge.

Destiny: Festival of the Lost will come to an end on November 8. Be sure to have as much fun in Halloween Destiny as you can.