Many blockchain-based startups dream about how they can launch an ICO. However, simply having a project idea without thinking about the budget and marketing strategy will doom most launches before they even start.

In a space where many ICOs run simultaneously, startups often experience an uphill struggle to stand out. So, finding out some solid ICO marketing solutions from professionals who have invested time in the marketing trenches is important.

Here are top five tips for anybody thinking of launching an ICO:

1. Focus on the proper audience

When you are marketing an ICO, you will be focusing on a very specific group of people. Your whole effort should be be focused on that group, and only them.

It could be smart to segment your marketing endeavors into two: those that are new yet knowledgeable about the blockchain technology, and the expert cryptocurrency crowd. This lets you cover all the requirements while maintaining the same campaigns that will only need minor changes and to pull each segment in.

2. Have an intriguing story to share

Lots of tokens have successful ICOs just because their audience likes their mission and what it symbolizes. Compelling and intriguing stories work as magnets, drawing interest from people who want to get behind a token, which shares the same belief and values as they do.

If you have an intriguing story, you should present it in a way that appeals and converts  prospective backers into supporters. Once they connect with your mission and vision, they will be far more excited and willing to talk about your ICO to other token fans. So, the more you endeavor to leverage your story, the better marketing reach you will get.

3. Think about retaining an ICO advisor

An ICO advisor will help to oversee the whole offering, and will assist you to meet and often surpass the raise-goal.The cost can return ten times more, due to the professional advice given, helping to deploy an effective marketing campaign that generates the needed capital raise.

4. Prepare a transparent offer

If there’s no transparency in your offer, it will act as repellant towards prospective buyers. Those that show potential interest should have confidence in the developing team that’s behind an ICO. When there’s lack of transparency, it will reduce the amount of money you can raise during the initial offering.

You can also list extensive bios of each team member, and make them public on the site dedicated to the ICO, as an easy way to show transparency. Include links, a comprehensive bio and even photos to the social media accounts of every team member.

5. Remember about compliance

There are lots of compliance problems that should be considered when dealing with how the token should be issued and who is entitled to participate in the ICO. There are quite strict guidelines, which should be followed when marketing an ICO. It is important to hire a law firm that’s knowledgeable about Securities and Exchange Commission guidelines and more in particular, SEC rules and regulations with regards to ICOs.