Clouds have taken the world by the storm. Cloud computing is simplifying the way many business processes are done. Anything from wedding planning to shareholder voting and video production can be achieved in the cloud.

Today, we’ve decided to focus on video editing in the cloud. We asked experts from Astudio to help us explain the process and share some interesting tips and details.

Video editing in the cloud has its pros and cons:

Advantages of Video Editing In The Cloud:

  • Simplified collaboration with fellow editors, clients, bosses, marketers, etc.
  • Large storage space to accommodate all the formidable video editing needs
  • Lower storage cost compared to purchasing the necessary hardware
  • Easy sharing of the product in real-time
  • Quick access to all the necessary tools without extra investments

Disadvantages of Video Editing In The Cloud:

  • The speed of video editing suffers if the files are big and so does the Internet speed in the office
  • Storage services charged by processing time may not be something a small company can handle
  • Cloud video editing software may not be as powerful as the desktop versions

The technologies are improving on a regular basis, allowing professional video creators to use clouds for video editing. The speed has improved dramatically in the past several years. Meanwhile, the costs have plunged.

Today, video editing in the cloud is available for small businesses and even amateurs. You don’t need to rent space and time on a monthly basis anymore. You can pay for cloud use only when you are actually using it.

The highest quality video editing software is still available for desktop. However, renting professional software on the cloud allows you to reach new heights. The benefits you get from creating and editing your video remotely are so numerous that they are impossible to overlook.

Even though many video editors still prefer the desktop software version coupled with expensive storage space in their offices or homes, they are likely to change their minds in the nearest future. Software providers are already working on solutions to make cloud-based editing as fast and productive as the desktop versions.

Sufficient power and connectivity are gaining momentum, allowing the new generation of video editors to enjoy the advanced perks of cloud computing. More and more platforms are appearing online to simplify the editing in the cloud regardless of the budget.

  • Loopster – User-friendly interface coupled with paid-for options make this platform a good choice for amateurs.
  • Magisto – Creates slideshows and short videos. Easy to use and doesn’t require much video editing experience.
  • Animoto – Designed to create simple yet impressive video presentations, offers a formidable music library.
  • FileLab Video Editor – Powerful audio and video editing properties and numerous editing options. More features than on the majority of cloud video editing platforms. Only available for Microsoft OS.

Overall, video editing in the cloud has a big future. Today, professional video editors may still rely on the desktop software, but once the speed and the program quality issues are solved, they will move to the cloud faster than you can say “video editing”.