The game is releasing for systems sooner than you think, however, some players are luckier than others

The title, XCOM 2, for Xbox One and PS4 has a release date countdown starting from today. The famous PC strategy game is supposed to unlock this week for systems. However, players in UK will have to wait a bit longer since North American players are expected to avail access on September 27, 2016, which is tomorrow.

XCOM 2’s worldwide roll out for Xbox One and PS4 is expected to happen on Friday, which is September 30. The title has previously been delayed a lot of times for consoles, however it seems that these final dates are for sure locked, hopefully.

The several delays may has annoyed most of the fans worldwide. Hence, if it helps you to avoid the issues the title had previously when it first rolled out for PC, the title is expected to leave console players quite happy.

For those players who pre-ordered XCOM 2 are expected to be able to unlock the Resistance Warrior Pack, which contains extra soldier customization abilities such as headgear, bonus outfits, and custom facial war paint. Also, they can avail the “Survivor of the Old War”, which is a new XCOM soldier who will show up in the Avenger’s barracks.

XCOM 2’s Digital Deluxe Edition will also have the Reinforcement Pack, which is a collection of the three downloadable content packs that comes from Alien Hunters, Anarchy’s Children, and SHEN’s Last Gift.

2K Games recently confirmed that The Reinforcement Pack will be available to buy separately at the reveal.

However, unlock times have not yet been confirmed for the title, although we are working on availing details on this topic very soon. Till then let us know, are you excited for XCOM 2? Which console would you prefer to play it on? Hit the comments below.

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